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Supply your body with the best fuel it needs to boost your immunity. What's the best food fuel? Anything with VFNG - Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, and Whole Grains! These are natural foods that are in abundance in your supermarket... unlike toilet paper. Sugars, sweets are known to be immunity depressants so avoid these like the coronavirus! Give your body the best nutrients it needs and you will thrive.


Anyone thirsty after listening to all the negative news on coronavirus? Indulge in a glass of water. Drinking 8 glasses a day keeps your body hydrated, helps you to regulate your emotions, and keeps your immunity in excellent condition... If you can avoid soft drinks more power to you! These are highly acidic. It takes 20 glasses of water to neutralise 1 glass of a soft drink. Water is the best and at least it's free!


Do anything that gets you moving but remember to maintain your social distance when having fun! Exercise of 20-30 mins a day of just walking has been shown to lift your mood, give you new hope, and make you feel you can fight for another day! Perfect for knocking out coronavirus blues. It is also a fantastic immunity booster - not much compares with it.


Sunshine is necessary for more than Vitamin D for healthy bones. If you starve yourself of sunshine you can experience low energy, difficulty concentrating, and oversleep. But those who get 10-20 mins of sunshine a day are those who have the healthiest moods! So don't waste time on Facebook, get out and get some sun. You will feel better for it!


Temperance is more than not eating... that's hard to do. It's actually about finding balance. Balance allows you to enjoy life because even good things in excess can be bad for you like listening to the radio or reading the news. It's time to take control of your life and not let the good, the bad, and the ugly from controlling you.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is reinvigorating and is essential to removing toxins from your body! It charges the immune system to fight off disease and keep your body in a healthy balance. Practice deep breathing daily - 5 seconds inhale and 5 seconds exhale. Repeat at least 5 times but please remember your social distance always.


You need at least 8 hours of rest a night for your body to feel fully recharged. Sleep is also critical to optimise your immunity so you can't do without it. But rest is more than sleep. It's about switching off from screen time, spending more time in nature and with family, and getting some time for reflective thinking. This is perhaps the only positive of the coronavirus - learning to switch off from the unnecessary.

Trust in God

Trust is vital to maintaining good relationships with all in your social circle. Trust promotes hope, contentment, wellness of mind and body. A great place to start is questioning your purpose in life, where can we find hope in the midst of suffering, and what happens after death? It's been found that those who have faith in a Higher Power live more fulfilled and happy lives. Why not start your journey now.



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