The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy poses a serious question that every individual should consider.  If a political superpower and a religious superpower join forces, what will be the inevitable result?

This book examines the untold story behind the Vatican's rising influence in America, and what that means for the rest of the world.

The author covers the last 2000 years of history, before carefully examining the current thaw in tensions between the United States and the Vatican, and places this in the context of Bible prophecy to reach some very important conclusions about what this will mean for the future.   

This book will explain the issues that are at stake in the impending conflict, and why we can not remain neutral.  


The Great Controversy takes you on a fascinating journey that began some twenty centuries ago.  Starting with the destruction of the ancient city of Jerusalem, the author walks you through the persecution of Christians in the first century, the great apostasy that followed in the Christian Church, the global-awakening of the reformation, insights from the French revolution, the rise of the United States, and it's role in Bible prophecy, before looking forward into what the future holds.  

Along the way, the book will unlock some of the mysteries of past history, unfold the actual meaning of contemporary events, and will pull back the curtain on what the future holds for this planet, affecting us as individuals.  And in doing so, it directly addresses some of the more perplexing questions in life: why is there so much suffering, what is the purpose of life, and where do we go from here?

It focuses on the all-important controversy in which the life of our universe is involved – the irreconcilable conflict between right and wrong, between life and death.  It assures us that right will ultimately prevail over wrong, love will prevail over hatred, and life will triumph over death.  Above all, it points to the One who will ultimately end the controversy between good and evil.


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